The Pros and Cons of Selling an Empty House

Preparing to sell a house can be a huge undertaking. The lists of things that need to happen in order to put your home on the market can be tedious and overwhelming. But what if you have a home that’s empty? Maybe you’ve inherited a house from a deceased relative. Perhaps you have a rental property with no current tenants and are looking to sell the home instead. Whatever the reason, there are plenty of pros when it comes to putting your empty house on the market. There are also a few potential downsides. We’ve compiled a list of Pros and Cons of selling an empty house. And remember, if you’re looking to sell your home in the York, Pa area, we want to hear from you!


Pros to Selling an Empty Home

  • No mess, no worry!

Empty homes are free of clutter, disorganization and most of the time, all around mess. If you have an empty home to sell, potential buyers won’t be distracted by stuff that’s accumulated around your home.

  • Schedule on your time.

From showings to inspections or appraisals, an empty home translates to, you don’t live there so you don’t need to adjust your schedule according to when potential buyers may want to view your home.

  • See the whole picture.

An empty home is a completely blank canvas. For potential buyers who want to visualize their own furniture and belongings, an empty home can sometimes help them to freely see their things as opposed to having to see past what a current seller has in the way.

  • Ditch the staging scene.

Oftentimes sellers will want to stage their home in a way that isn’t exactly the way that they use their home every day. Staged homes can be a hassle to manage if you have a busy family. An empty home doesn’t have a thing in it, which means no staging necessary!


Cons to Selling an Empty Home

  • Empty homes may look desperate.

Selling your home to another homeowner when its empty may signal that you’re carrying more than one mortgage. Potential buyers who are looking to low-ball you an offer may sense this and offer you significantly less than your home is worth.

  • You still need to maintain your home.

You may not reside at the home you are looking to sell but selling to potential home buyers means that you need to keep the property in working order. If you’ll be going through a home inspection, you’ll need to keep an eye out for any nonworking major appliances.

  • Climate control.

Potential buyers can be picky when it comes to house showings. Would-be buyers may be turned off if the home they are looking at is too hot, or too cold. When you are selling an empty house you generally aren’t concerned about climate control because no one is living in the house, though it may be a turn-off for buyers.


The Pro of the Cons

If you look at the above list of cons when it comes to selling an empty house, the one thing that they all have in common is – that doesn’t matter to a real estate investor! Real estate investors aren’t worried about what condition your home is in because they realize that you’re looking to unburden yourself with the home you’re selling. They also aren’t worried if you’re up to date on maintenance because real estate investors buy properties as they come, which also means climate control isn’t an issue either.

Real estate investors are not realtors and do not make commission or profit off the sale of your home via a percentage fee of your sale price. Instead, they are investors looking to take homes in as-is condition, buy them for cash directly from you. Because real estate investors are cash buyers, they can negotiate much faster closing times, allowing you to get cash in your hands quickly and without the fees that real estate agents charge.


The Bottom Line When Selling an Empty Home

If you have a home, empty or full, wants to buy your home for cash! The home may be full, in need of repair, and above your means of care. That’s ok! Your home may also be empty and in a state of disrepair from previous tenants if it was a rental property. That’s also ok! We buy homes in any, and we mean any, condition!

If you’re looking to unburden yourself from a home you do not want or cannot take care of, give the real estate investor professionals at a call today!

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