What Improvements Should I Make to My Home Before Selling? And What Should I Avoid?

When you consider selling your home the obvious goal is to maximize the profit you receive from the sale. In order to secure a higher return on your investment of the home you are selling there a few things to consider. Would updates or fixes increase your profit earnings? Should you do the work yourself in order to save the money of hiring someone to come in and do it? How far should you go in making updates or fixes on your home before putting it on the market to sell?

These are all fair questions that you should absolutely think about carefully before you sell your home. Keep reading to see some tips and tricks for getting your home sale ready, and when to put the brakes on spending money you may not see back on return.

Start Small

In the wide world of fixes and upgrades to consider when selling your home, it’s usually a safe bet to start small. Small upgrades can oftentimes be completed DIY which saves you money on your bottom line. How small? Paint is a great way to create a neutral look for a house which oftentimes gives potential buyers a better idea of how their own furnishings will look in a house once they move in. True, painting can be time consuming, but statistics have shown that freshly painted homes with neutral colors almost always see that investment back in a sale price.

Consider a Staging Company 

Staging companies are professionals at space management. When you hire a staging company to stage your home they will come in and take a look at each room, how it is currently being used, and the best way to present the room to buyers. Sometimes that means moving furniture around or removing personal objects that can distract a potential buyer. The ultimate goal of home staging is to make your home appear as attractive as possible to a large group of potential homebuyers.

The Big No-No’s

While wanting to make some small changes and upgrades is a reasonable goal, there are several projects that the experts do not recommend. These larger projects don’t add extra return to your investment and will almost certainly require large amounts of cash in order to execute.

Be sure to skip:

  • Decks
  • Finishing attics
  • Major renos such as a master bathroom or kitchen

But what if you don’t have the time, budget or desire to make any changes?

That’s ok! Getting a house ready to put on the market can be an overwhelming and daunting task. Have you considered using a real estate investor instead? Real estate investors are home buyers who aren’t looking to move into your home as their own. They buy homes in all conditions and no home is off limits. Real estate investors are not real estate agents. Instead, real estate investors offer you an up front, fair and honest price for your home and then pay you that amount in cash.

Not only do you not need to worry about any fixes or upgrades to your home when you use a real estate investor, you don’t need to worry about the mortgage loan process from a potential buyer’s end. Cash offers from real estate investors are able to close in a fraction of the time compared to a traditional home sale. At the end of the day not only have you saved yourself the time of doing any maintenance or upgrades, but the money from the sale of your home lands in your hands, fast.

The real estate investor professionals at www.SellMyYorkPAHouseFast.com are experienced when it comes to evaluating and appraising a home for a fair all-cash offer. We accept all homes in as-is condition and don’t want you to do a thing to your home before contacting us. We’ll do the heavy lifting when it comes to repairs, upgrades and maintenance to your home after we’ve purchased it.

Ready to save money and time?  Contact us today. We’ll schedule a time to come and take a look at your house and will get you an all-cash offer quickly. We look forward to hearing from you!

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