What Is A Real Estate Investor And When Do I Need One To Sell My York, PA Home?

If you’re looking to sell my home in York, PA, or surrounding area, whether it’s your own, an inherited home you don’t want or need, a home that’s facing foreclosure, or a home that you need to unload due to an overwhelming amount of work needed, you have a lot to think about.

One of the first and most important things to consider is who will help you sell your home? With an overwhelming amount of real estate agents available from a plethora of varying realty companies, it may seem like an easy call to the first name that pops up on your google search but hit the pause button for just a moment to learn about an option you may not be as familiar with when it comes to finding a partner in selling your York, PA home.

Is A Real Estate Investor Different From A Real Estate Agent?

A real estate investor is someone who buys homes, usually with cash, and has the ability to close on your home with a quick timeline. A real estate investor is not a real estate agent. And that’s a pretty important fact to focus on here. When you use a real estate agent to navigate the sale process on your home you are looking at fees at several points along the way. Home sellers pay agent fees for both sellers and buyers. The average percentage fee for agents is 6% split between the buying and selling agents (averaging about 3% each). Depending on the sale price of your home, that 6% can turn out to be a lot of cash that you miss out on! When you use a real estate investor, they are not agents, yet handle the process of buying your home on their own, meaning more cash in your pocket at the end of the day since you forgo having to pay the agent fees out of your sale proceeds.

Why Would I Want to Use A Real Estate Investor to Sell My Home Fast, As Is, For Cash in York PA?

There are several scenarios in which using a real estate investor as opposed to a traditional real estate agent is a great partnership to pursue. Real estate investors are just that, investors. Ultimately, they want to take your York, PA property off your hands quickly so that they can make repairs and updates to your home before selling it again. That means that if your home is really outdated and you don’t have the time or money to put into your home before selling, a real estate investor is for you. You won’t have to worry about cleaning, staging or updating your home for open houses. Real estate investors buy homes in “as-is” condition. Whatever condition your home is in currently, using a real estate investor means you don’t need to do a single thing prior to selling.

Real estate investors are also a great partner to use when you need to sell a home that you don’t want. You might be surprised but people are often times left with inherited homes that are just too much to update or take care of on their own. A real estate investor can take your inherited home and give you cash that you can actually use, while relieving you of the burden of a home that you don’t want. Outdated rental properties that you are no longer interested in managing is another scenario that is a great match for a real estate investor. When you sell your rental property to a real estate investor, they can take care of the legal work with your current tenants while you can get your cash for your property and no longer worry about being weighed down as a landlord.

Real Estate Investors In The York, PA Area

If you’ve settled on the fact that using a real estate investor is the best way to move forward with selling your home, you’re one step closer to receiving cash for your home and a burden lifted off your shoulders! The next step is choosing a real estate investor that will work with your best interests at heart. The real estate investor professionals at Sell My York PA House Fast are here for you. Locally based out of the York, PA area, we truly understand the market trends and home values in the neighborhoods where you live.

We are caring and committed to seeing that you get the best value for your home and the freeing feeling of no longer being trapped by a home that you cannot care for or afford. We want to help you, and we can. Give us a call today and we’ll set up a no-hassle assessment of your home in order to quickly give you an offer for your home. We know you’ll love partnering with us on the sale of your home so give us a call today!

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